Action Packs

2016-2017 Action Packs | Waterloo Black Hawks HockeyEnjoy savings and flexibility with a Waterloo Black Hawks Action Pack.  Each Action Pack contains 15 vouchers which can be exchanged for tickets to the games of your choice in an almost infinite number of combinations…

Get one ticket to 15 different games.

Bring yourself and two friends to five exciting matchups.

Share the thrill of Black Hawks hockey by hosting four of your coworkers on three different occasions.

Or divide them up in any other way you can think of.

Did we mention the savings?!?  It’s almost like getting a couple of free tickets.

Zone Game Day Walk-Up Ticket Action Pack (per voucher) Savings over 15 games
Red $17.39 $15 $35.85
White $15.39 $13.47 $24.75
Blue $13.39 $11 $35.85

For more information, call the Black Hawks at (319) 232.3444.