Special Group Offers

This site offers the chance for pre-arranged groups to purchase their discounted game tickets directly through the Black Hawks.  This way, no one at your office, church, or social group needs to be responsible for collecting orders and turning them in at the Domino’s Black Hawks Box Office.

If you have a group which has been set up…

DO NOT click “Buy Tickets” in the menu above.  This will take you to our retail ordering site where tickets are only available at regular price.

DO enter your group’s special web address directly into your browser.  This will look like www.shopwaterlooblackhawks.com/[your group’s information here].  The special url and password (if necessary) will allow you to access the discounted tickets and ordering page created just for your group.  This information is likely on a group flyer or in an email you may have received from your group organizer.

If you do not have a special group code, but have at least ten people who would like to attend a game together, please call the Black Hawks at 319.232.3444 to find out more about this convenient method for processing group orders quickly, conveniently, and at no additional costs.